• Distribute objects in Blender

    Blender for some reason doesn’t include a method to spread out all the objects of your selection so you can view them. So here is a quick snippet that will spread all of your selection across the X axis:
  • Three.js and Blender co-ordinate conversions

    We use Blender for backend processing some scenes made in Three.js, but they both use different co-ordinate systems so we need to convert between them.
  • Direct S3 uploads of canvas renders with PHP & Laravel

    We generate thumbnails of a users current canvas in the browser and store them in S3. Previously we sent these to the server as a base64 string and then uploaded it to S3, but with pre-signed URLS we could do better.
  • Help Scout Automatic Image Zoom Lightbox

    Automatically add image zoom lightboxes to Help Scout support articles
  • Some Game Design Influences

    The video games I appreciate the most are ones that feel well designed. So when I find a good game, I really want to know what the influences were that created it.
  • Blender script to round vertices positions

    Here is a little Blender Python script to round vertices positions from something like 1.0001 to 1.0.
  • Something to check when Laravel Mix Javascript is not loading

    In case anyone else runs into an issue when you add your new Javascript file to Laravel Mix and nothing works, remember to include manifest.js and vendor.js even if extract() wasn’t included on your new mix.ts() line.