• Reverse Prompting and Writing with AI

    We're all stil learning to use the new tool of generative AI. I think we started off on the wrong foot and have some thoughts on where we could go.
    The only words worth reading are the ones that were worth writing - so I built an Obsidian plugin to explore that idea: Reverse Prompting.
  • Blender bpy on AWS Lambda

    I made a nice template for running Blender bpy scripts on AWS Lambda using SAM. It's on Github: ryanhalliday/bpy-lambda
  • Tiny plugins to improve WordPress and bbPress

    Here’s a bunch of tiny plugins to solve weird little problems with WordPress and bbPress. They’re not much but they are improvements.
  • Distribute objects in Blender

    Blender for some reason doesn’t include a method to spread out all the objects of your selection so you can view them. So here is a quick snippet that will spread all of your selection across the X axis:
  • Three.js and Blender co-ordinate conversions

    We use Blender for backend processing some scenes made in Three.js, but they both use different co-ordinate systems so we need to convert between them.
  • Direct S3 uploads of canvas renders with PHP & Laravel

    We generate thumbnails of a users current canvas in the browser and store them in S3. Previously we sent these to the server as a base64 string and then uploaded it to S3, but with pre-signed URLS we could do better.
  • Help Scout Automatic Image Zoom Lightbox

    Automatically add image zoom lightboxes to Help Scout support articles