As a bit of an experiment with offline web apps, I decided to try making a small text editor, and Teddit was born. However it is not like a normal offline web app using a manifest.appcache, it is saved in your bookmarks bar.

I saw someone craftily using the data:text/html to use a web browsers navigation bar to write HTML, and though it could be cool to make something for there. At the time I needed a text editor to very quickly write things into, and dispose of quickly.

This honestly is just a toy, but it was interesting and quick to make, and might be useful, so here is the code:

<script>window.onbeforeunload=function(e){e.returnValue="Are you sure you want to exit?";}</script>
<body style="vertical-align:middle;text-align:center;background-color:#1d1f21">
	<textarea autofocus placeholder="Welcome to Teddit, Start typing..." 

It uses very short hand HTML, so is tiny and can be saved as a bookmark and not use up to much sync space if you use Chrome Sync as I do.

Personally, I now use StackEdit for note taking, and it is quite a nice experience and works well for what I was looking for.