While setting up PCSXR on Ubuntu it didn’t work and crashed with no message…

By running it from CLI I uncovered 2 errors:

RGB & YUV not found

RGB & YUV not found. Quitting.

I found the answer to this error thanks to lerner17 on the Manjaro Forums: https://forum.manjaro.org/t/rgb-and-yuv-not-found-pcsxr-and-pcsx2/17608/3

Under Configuration > Plugins & BIOS change the Graphics dropdown from XVideo Driver to OpenGL Driver


Next up I encountered a stranger error: pcsx: ../libpcsxcore/ix86_64/ix86-64.c:158: MEMADDR_OP: Assertion '!isreg || reg != 0' failed.

I found an answer to this in a Launchpad Bug report thanks to Tomi Hukkalainen (tpievila).

Edit the file ~/.pcsx/pcsx.cfg and change the line Cpu = 0 to Cpu = 1


I hope this helps someone else with the same errors, I’m going to go enjoy my PSX games now!