• Some Game Design Influences

    The video games I appreciate the most are ones that feel well designed. So when I find a good game, I really want to know what the influences were that created it.
  • Blender script to round vertices positions

    Here is a little Blender Python script to round vertices positions from something like 1.0001 to 1.0.
  • Something to check when Laravel Mix Javascript is not loading

    In case anyone else runs into an issue when you add your new Javascript file to Laravel Mix and nothing works, remember to include manifest.js and vendor.js even if extract() wasn’t included on your new mix.ts() line.
  • Checking Nextcloud Upload Integrity

    Recently I transfered a lot of files into Nextcloud. I was cautious of the upload integrity so I really wanted a way verify that everything had uploaded correctly before removing the local copy from my device.
  • AWS Route53 AliasTarget Invalid Request

    I ran into an error the other day while using AWS Tools for Powershell to bulk update Route53 DNS records. Looking back now it was obvious, but this post should get the error into Google / DuckDuckGo for anyone else searching.
  • Hide Two-Factor Authentication from BBPress Profile page

    If you use Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for Admins on your WordPress site (which you should) you may not want to show the big setup UI to customers or forum users.
  • Ghost mail environment variables on Docker

    I’ve been working with Docker lately and decided to test out the Ghost blogging platform. However when setting up Ghost I ran into an issue with the official Docker image making it difficult to configure mail sending.