Interface for bootable service providers.
Interface for controller providers.
Interface for event listener providers.
HttpKernel Argument Resolver for Silex.
The Silex framework class.
Form trait.
Monolog trait.
Security trait.
Swiftmailer trait.
Translation trait.
Twig trait.
UrlGenerator trait.
A wrapper for a controller, mapped to a route.
Builds Silex controllers.
ControllerResolver deprecated
Adds Application as a valid argument for controllers.
Handles converters.
Logs request, response, and exceptions.
Manages the route middlewares.
Converts string responses to proper Response instances.
Default exception handler.
Wraps exception listeners.
Exception, is thrown when a frozen controller is modified.
Symfony Asset component Provider.
Symfony CSRF Security component Provider.
Doctrine DBAL Provider.
Symfony Form component Provider.
Symfony HttpKernel component Provider for HTTP cache.
HTTP Cache extension to allow using the run() shortcut.
HttpKernel Fragment integration for Silex.
Locale Provider.
Initializes the locale based on the current request.
Monolog Provider.
Remember-me authentication for the SecurityServiceProvider.
Symfony Routing component Provider.
Implements a lazy UrlMatcher.
Implements the RedirectableUrlMatcherInterface for Silex.
Symfony Security component Provider.
Symfony Serializer component Provider.
Symfony HttpFoundation component Provider for sessions.
Sets the session in the request.
Simulates sessions for testing purpose.
Swiftmailer Provider.
Symfony Translation component Provider.
Twig integration for Silex.
Loads Twig extension runtimes via Pimple.
Symfony Validator component Provider.
Uses a service container to create constraint validators with dependencies.
Symfony Var Dumper component Provider.
A wrapper for a controller, mapped to a route.
Security trait.
Enables nameofservice:method_name syntax for declaring controllers.
Wraps view listeners.
WebTestCase is the base class for functional tests.