AppArgumentValueResolverClass in namespace Silex
HttpKernel Argument Resolver for Silex.
ApplicationClass in namespace Silex
The Silex framework class.
Application::after() — Method in class Application
Registers an after filter.
Application::abort() — Method in class Application
Aborts the current request by sending a proper HTTP error.
Controller::assert() — Method in class Controller
Controller::after() — Method in class Controller
ControllerCollection::assert() — Method in class ControllerCollection
ControllerCollection::after() — Method in class ControllerCollection
$ControllerResolverProperty in class ControllerResolver
$MiddlewareListenerProperty in class MiddlewareListener
$ExceptionListenerWrapperProperty in class ExceptionListenerWrapper
AssetServiceProviderClass in namespace Silex\Provider
Symfony Asset component Provider.
SecurityServiceProvider::addFakeRoute() — Method in class SecurityServiceProvider
Route::assert() — Method in class Route
Sets the requirement for a route variable.
Route::after() — Method in class Route
Sets a callback to handle after the route callback.
$WebTestCaseProperty in class WebTestCase
HttpKernelInterface instance.


BootableProviderInterfaceClass in namespace Silex\Api
Interface for bootable service providers.
BootableProviderInterface::boot() — Method in class BootableProviderInterface
Bootstraps the application.
$ApplicationProperty in class Application
Application::boot() — Method in class Application
Boots all service providers.
Application::before() — Method in class Application
Registers a before filter.
Controller::bind() — Method in class Controller
Sets the controller's route.
Controller::before() — Method in class Controller
ControllerCollection::before() — Method in class ControllerCollection
MonologServiceProvider::boot() — Method in class MonologServiceProvider
Bootstraps the application.
SecurityServiceProvider::boot() — Method in class SecurityServiceProvider
Bootstraps the application.
VarDumperServiceProvider::boot() — Method in class VarDumperServiceProvider
Bootstraps the application.
Route::before() — Method in class Route
Sets a callback to handle before triggering the route callback.


ControllerProviderInterfaceClass in namespace Silex\Api
Interface for controller providers.
ControllerProviderInterface::connect() — Method in class ControllerProviderInterface
Returns routes to connect to the given application.
CallbackResolverClass in namespace Silex
CallbackResolver::convertCallback() — Method in class CallbackResolver
Returns a callable given its string representation.
ControllerClass in namespace Silex
A wrapper for a controller, mapped to a route.
Controller::convert() — Method in class Controller
ControllerCollectionClass in namespace Silex
Builds Silex controllers.
$ControllerCollectionProperty in class ControllerCollection
$ControllerCollectionProperty in class ControllerCollection
ControllerCollection::convert() — Method in class ControllerCollection
ControllerResolverClass in namespace Silex
Adds Application as a valid argument for controllers.
ConverterListenerClass in namespace Silex\EventListener
Handles converters.
$ConverterListenerProperty in class ConverterListener
$ExceptionListenerWrapperProperty in class ExceptionListenerWrapper
ControllerFrozenExceptionClass in namespace Silex\Exception
Exception, is thrown when a frozen controller is modified.
CsrfServiceProviderClass in namespace Silex\Provider
Symfony CSRF Security component Provider.
SecurityServiceProvider::connect() — Method in class SecurityServiceProvider
Returns routes to connect to the given application.
ConstraintValidatorFactoryClass in namespace Silex\Provider\Validator
Uses a service container to create constraint validators with dependencies.
$ConstraintValidatorFactoryProperty in class ConstraintValidatorFactory
Route::convert() — Method in class Route
Sets a converter for a route variable.
$ServiceControllerResolverProperty in class ServiceControllerResolver
$ServiceControllerResolverProperty in class ServiceControllerResolver
WebTestCase::createApplication() — Method in class WebTestCase
Creates the application.
WebTestCase::createClient() — Method in class WebTestCase
Creates a Client.


Application::delete() — Method in class Application
Maps a DELETE request to a callable.
$ControllerCollectionProperty in class ControllerCollection
$ControllerCollectionProperty in class ControllerCollection
ControllerCollection::delete() — Method in class ControllerCollection
Maps a DELETE request to a callable.
ControllerResolver::doGetArguments() — Method in class ControllerResolver
$ExceptionHandlerProperty in class ExceptionHandler
DoctrineServiceProviderClass in namespace Silex\Provider
Doctrine DBAL Provider.


EventListenerProviderInterfaceClass in namespace Silex\Api
Interface for event listener providers.
Application::error() — Method in class Application
Registers an error handler.
Application::escape() — Method in class Application
Escapes a text for HTML.
SecurityTrait::encodePassword() — Method in class SecurityTrait
Encodes the raw password.
$LogListenerProperty in class LogListener
ExceptionHandlerClass in namespace Silex
Default exception handler.
ExceptionListenerWrapperClass in namespace Silex
Wraps exception listeners.
ExceptionListenerWrapper::ensureResponse() — Method in class ExceptionListenerWrapper
ExceptionHandlerServiceProviderClass in namespace Silex\Provider


Application::finish() — Method in class Application
Registers a finish filter.
Application::flush() — Method in class Application
Flushes the controller collection.
FormTraitClass in namespace Silex\Application
Form trait.
FormTrait::form() — Method in class FormTrait
Creates and returns a form builder instance.
Controller::freeze() — Method in class Controller
Freezes the controller.
ControllerCollection::flush() — Method in class ControllerCollection
Persists and freezes staged controllers.
FormServiceProviderClass in namespace Silex\Provider
Symfony Form component Provider.
$SecurityServiceProviderProperty in class SecurityServiceProvider


Application::get() — Method in class Application
Maps a GET request to a callable.
Controller::getRoute() — Method in class Controller
Gets the controller's route.
Controller::getRouteName() — Method in class Controller
Gets the controller's route name.
Controller::generateRouteName() — Method in class Controller
ControllerCollection::get() — Method in class ControllerCollection
Maps a GET request to a callable.
ConverterListener::getSubscribedEvents() — Method in class ConverterListener
LogListener::getSubscribedEvents() — Method in class LogListener
MiddlewareListener::getSubscribedEvents() — Method in class MiddlewareListener
StringToResponseListener::getSubscribedEvents() — Method in class StringToResponseListener
ExceptionHandler::getSubscribedEvents() — Method in class ExceptionHandler
SilexFormExtension::getType() — Method in class SilexFormExtension
SilexFormExtension::getTypeExtensions() — Method in class SilexFormExtension
SilexFormExtension::getTypeGuesser() — Method in class SilexFormExtension
LocaleListener::getSubscribedEvents() — Method in class LocaleListener
LazyRequestMatcher::getRequestMatcher() — Method in class LazyRequestMatcher
Returns the corresponding RequestMatcherInterface instance.
SessionListener::getSession() — Method in class SessionListener
TestSessionListener::getSession() — Method in class TestSessionListener
ConstraintValidatorFactory::getInstance() — Method in class ConstraintValidatorFactory
ServiceControllerResolver::getController() — Method in class ServiceControllerResolver
ServiceControllerResolver::getArguments() — Method in class ServiceControllerResolver


Application::handle() — Method in class Application
SilexFormExtension::hasType() — Method in class SilexFormExtension
SilexFormExtension::hasTypeExtensions() — Method in class SilexFormExtension
HttpCacheServiceProviderClass in namespace Silex\Provider
Symfony HttpKernel component Provider for HTTP cache.
HttpCacheClass in namespace Silex\Provider\HttpCache
HTTP Cache extension to allow using the run() shortcut.
HttpFragmentServiceProviderClass in namespace Silex\Provider
HttpKernel Fragment integration for Silex.
HttpKernelServiceProviderClass in namespace Silex\Provider
Route::host() — Method in class Route
Sets the requirement of host on this Route.


SecurityTrait::isGranted() — Method in class SecurityTrait
Checks if the attributes are granted against the current authentication token and optionally supplied object.
CallbackResolver::isValid() — Method in class CallbackResolver
Returns true if the string is a valid service method representation.


Application::json() — Method in class Application
Convert some data into a JSON response.


MonologTrait::log() — Method in class MonologTrait
Adds a log record.
LogListenerClass in namespace Silex\EventListener
Logs request, response, and exceptions.
$LogListenerProperty in class LogListener
LogListener::logRequest() — Method in class LogListener
Logs a request.
LogListener::logResponse() — Method in class LogListener
Logs a response.
LogListener::logException() — Method in class LogListener
Logs an exception.
LocaleServiceProviderClass in namespace Silex\Provider
Locale Provider.
LocaleListenerClass in namespace Silex\Provider\Locale
Initializes the locale based on the current request.
LazyRequestMatcherClass in namespace Silex\Provider\Routing
Implements a lazy UrlMatcher.
RuntimeLoader::load() — Method in class RuntimeLoader


Application::match() — Method in class Application
Maps a pattern to a callable.
Application::mount() — Method in class Application
Mounts controllers under the given route prefix.
MonologTraitClass in namespace Silex\Application
Monolog trait.
SwiftmailerTrait::mail() — Method in class SwiftmailerTrait
Sends an email.
Controller::method() — Method in class Controller
ControllerCollection::mount() — Method in class ControllerCollection
Mounts controllers under the given route prefix.
ControllerCollection::match() — Method in class ControllerCollection
Maps a pattern to a callable.
ControllerCollection::method() — Method in class ControllerCollection
MiddlewareListenerClass in namespace Silex\EventListener
Manages the route middlewares.
MonologServiceProviderClass in namespace Silex\Provider
Monolog Provider.
LazyRequestMatcher::matchRequest() — Method in class LazyRequestMatcher
Route::method() — Method in class Route
Sets the requirement for the HTTP method.


FormTrait::namedForm() — Method in class FormTrait
Creates and returns a named form builder instance.


Application::options() — Method in class Application
Maps an OPTIONS request to a callable.
Application::on() — Method in class Application
Adds an event listener that listens on the specified events.
ControllerCollection::options() — Method in class ControllerCollection
Maps an OPTIONS request to a callable.
ConverterListener::onKernelController() — Method in class ConverterListener
Handles converters.
LogListener::onKernelRequest() — Method in class LogListener
Logs master requests on event KernelEvents::REQUEST.
LogListener::onKernelResponse() — Method in class LogListener
Logs master response on event KernelEvents::RESPONSE.
LogListener::onKernelException() — Method in class LogListener
Logs uncaught exceptions on event KernelEvents::EXCEPTION.
MiddlewareListener::onKernelRequest() — Method in class MiddlewareListener
Runs before filters.
MiddlewareListener::onKernelResponse() — Method in class MiddlewareListener
Runs after filters.
StringToResponseListener::onKernelView() — Method in class StringToResponseListener
Handles string responses.
ExceptionHandler::onSilexError() — Method in class ExceptionHandler
LocaleListener::onKernelRequest() — Method in class LocaleListener
LocaleListener::onKernelFinishRequest() — Method in class LocaleListener


$ApplicationProperty in class Application
Application::post() — Method in class Application
Maps a POST request to a callable.
Application::put() — Method in class Application
Maps a PUT request to a callable.
Application::patch() — Method in class Application
Maps a PATCH request to a callable.
UrlGeneratorTrait::path() — Method in class UrlGeneratorTrait
Generates a path from the given parameters.
$ControllerCollectionProperty in class ControllerCollection
ControllerCollection::post() — Method in class ControllerCollection
Maps a POST request to a callable.
ControllerCollection::put() — Method in class ControllerCollection
Maps a PUT request to a callable.
ControllerCollection::patch() — Method in class ControllerCollection
Maps a PATCH request to a callable.


AppArgumentValueResolver::resolve() — Method in class AppArgumentValueResolver
Application::register() — Method in class Application
Registers a service provider.
Application::redirect() — Method in class Application
Redirects the user to another URL.
Application::run() — Method in class Application
Handles the request and delivers the response.
TwigTrait::render() — Method in class TwigTrait
Renders a view and returns a Response.
TwigTrait::renderView() — Method in class TwigTrait
Renders a view.
CallbackResolver::resolveCallback() — Method in class CallbackResolver
Returns a callable given its string representation if it is a valid service method.
Controller::requireHttp() — Method in class Controller
Controller::requireHttps() — Method in class Controller
$ControllerCollectionProperty in class ControllerCollection
ControllerCollection::requireHttp() — Method in class ControllerCollection
ControllerCollection::requireHttps() — Method in class ControllerCollection
$ConverterListenerProperty in class ConverterListener
AssetServiceProvider::register() — Method in class AssetServiceProvider
CsrfServiceProvider::register() — Method in class CsrfServiceProvider
DoctrineServiceProvider::register() — Method in class DoctrineServiceProvider
ExceptionHandlerServiceProvider::register() — Method in class ExceptionHandlerServiceProvider
FormServiceProvider::register() — Method in class FormServiceProvider
HttpCacheServiceProvider::register() — Method in class HttpCacheServiceProvider
HttpCache::run() — Method in class HttpCache
Handles the Request and delivers the Response.
HttpFragmentServiceProvider::register() — Method in class HttpFragmentServiceProvider
HttpKernelServiceProvider::register() — Method in class HttpKernelServiceProvider
LocaleServiceProvider::register() — Method in class LocaleServiceProvider
MonologServiceProvider::register() — Method in class MonologServiceProvider
RememberMeServiceProviderClass in namespace Silex\Provider
Remember-me authentication for the SecurityServiceProvider.
RememberMeServiceProvider::register() — Method in class RememberMeServiceProvider
RoutingServiceProviderClass in namespace Silex\Provider
Symfony Routing component Provider.
RoutingServiceProvider::register() — Method in class RoutingServiceProvider
RedirectableUrlMatcherClass in namespace Silex\Provider\Routing
Implements the RedirectableUrlMatcherInterface for Silex.
RedirectableUrlMatcher::redirect() — Method in class RedirectableUrlMatcher
SecurityServiceProvider::register() — Method in class SecurityServiceProvider
SerializerServiceProvider::register() — Method in class SerializerServiceProvider
ServiceControllerServiceProvider::register() — Method in class ServiceControllerServiceProvider
SessionServiceProvider::register() — Method in class SessionServiceProvider
SwiftmailerServiceProvider::register() — Method in class SwiftmailerServiceProvider
TranslationServiceProvider::register() — Method in class TranslationServiceProvider
TwigServiceProvider::register() — Method in class TwigServiceProvider
RuntimeLoaderClass in namespace Silex\Provider\Twig
Loads Twig extension runtimes via Pimple.
ValidatorServiceProvider::register() — Method in class ValidatorServiceProvider
VarDumperServiceProvider::register() — Method in class VarDumperServiceProvider
RouteClass in namespace Silex
A wrapper for a controller, mapped to a route.
Route::run() — Method in class Route
Sets the route code that should be executed when matched.
Route::requireHttp() — Method in class Route
Sets the requirement of HTTP (no HTTPS) on this Route.
Route::requireHttps() — Method in class Route
Sets the requirement of HTTPS on this Route.


EventListenerProviderInterface::subscribe() — Method in class EventListenerProviderInterface
AppArgumentValueResolver::supports() — Method in class AppArgumentValueResolver
Application::stream() — Method in class Application
Creates a streaming response.
Application::sendFile() — Method in class Application
Sends a file.
SecurityTraitClass in namespace Silex\Application
Security trait.
SwiftmailerTraitClass in namespace Silex\Application
Swiftmailer trait.
StringToResponseListenerClass in namespace Silex\EventListener
Converts string responses to proper Response instances.
ExceptionListenerWrapper::shouldRun() — Method in class ExceptionListenerWrapper
ExceptionHandlerServiceProvider::subscribe() — Method in class ExceptionHandlerServiceProvider
SilexFormExtensionClass in namespace Silex\Provider\Form
HttpCacheServiceProvider::subscribe() — Method in class HttpCacheServiceProvider
HttpFragmentServiceProvider::subscribe() — Method in class HttpFragmentServiceProvider
HttpKernelServiceProvider::subscribe() — Method in class HttpKernelServiceProvider
LocaleServiceProvider::subscribe() — Method in class LocaleServiceProvider
RememberMeServiceProvider::subscribe() — Method in class RememberMeServiceProvider
RoutingServiceProvider::subscribe() — Method in class RoutingServiceProvider
SecurityServiceProviderClass in namespace Silex\Provider
Symfony Security component Provider.
SecurityServiceProvider::subscribe() — Method in class SecurityServiceProvider
SerializerServiceProviderClass in namespace Silex\Provider
Symfony Serializer component Provider.
ServiceControllerServiceProviderClass in namespace Silex\Provider
SessionServiceProviderClass in namespace Silex\Provider
Symfony HttpFoundation component Provider for sessions.
SessionServiceProvider::subscribe() — Method in class SessionServiceProvider
SessionListenerClass in namespace Silex\Provider\Session
Sets the session in the request.
SwiftmailerServiceProviderClass in namespace Silex\Provider
Swiftmailer Provider.
SwiftmailerServiceProvider::subscribe() — Method in class SwiftmailerServiceProvider
TranslationServiceProvider::subscribe() — Method in class TranslationServiceProvider
$ConstraintValidatorFactoryProperty in class ConstraintValidatorFactory
SecurityTraitClass in namespace Silex\Route
Security trait.
SecurityTrait::secure() — Method in class SecurityTrait
ServiceControllerResolverClass in namespace Silex
Enables nameofservice:method_name syntax for declaring controllers.
WebTestCase::setUp() — Method in class WebTestCase
PHPUnit setUp for setting up the application.


Application::terminate() — Method in class Application
TranslationTraitClass in namespace Silex\Application
Translation trait.
TranslationTrait::trans() — Method in class TranslationTrait
Translates the given message.
TranslationTrait::transChoice() — Method in class TranslationTrait
Translates the given choice message by choosing a translation according to a number.
TwigTraitClass in namespace Silex\Application
Twig trait.
MonologServiceProvider::translateLevel() — Method in class MonologServiceProvider
TestSessionListenerClass in namespace Silex\Provider\Session
Simulates sessions for testing purpose.
TranslationServiceProviderClass in namespace Silex\Provider
Symfony Translation component Provider.
TwigServiceProviderClass in namespace Silex\Provider
Twig integration for Silex.


UrlGeneratorTraitClass in namespace Silex\Application
UrlGenerator trait.
UrlGeneratorTrait::url() — Method in class UrlGeneratorTrait
Generates an absolute URL from the given parameters.


Application::view() — Method in class Application
Registers a view handler.
Controller::value() — Method in class Controller
ControllerCollection::value() — Method in class ControllerCollection
ValidatorServiceProviderClass in namespace Silex\Provider
Symfony Validator component Provider.
VarDumperServiceProviderClass in namespace Silex\Provider
Symfony Var Dumper component Provider.
Route::value() — Method in class Route
Sets the default value for a route variable.
ViewListenerWrapperClass in namespace Silex
Wraps view listeners.


Controller::when() — Method in class Controller
ControllerCollection::when() — Method in class ControllerCollection
Route::when() — Method in class Route
Sets a condition for the route to match.
WebTestCaseClass in namespace Silex
WebTestCase is the base class for functional tests.


AppArgumentValueResolver::__construct() — Method in class AppArgumentValueResolver
Application::__construct() — Method in class Application
Instantiate a new Application.
CallbackResolver::__construct() — Method in class CallbackResolver
Controller::__construct() — Method in class Controller
Controller::__call() — Method in class Controller
ControllerCollection::__construct() — Method in class ControllerCollection
ControllerCollection::__call() — Method in class ControllerCollection
ControllerResolver::__construct() — Method in class ControllerResolver
ConverterListener::__construct() — Method in class ConverterListener
LogListener::__construct() — Method in class LogListener
MiddlewareListener::__construct() — Method in class MiddlewareListener
ExceptionHandler::__construct() — Method in class ExceptionHandler
ExceptionListenerWrapper::__construct() — Method in class ExceptionListenerWrapper
ExceptionListenerWrapper::__invoke() — Method in class ExceptionListenerWrapper
SilexFormExtension::__construct() — Method in class SilexFormExtension
LocaleListener::__construct() — Method in class LocaleListener
LazyRequestMatcher::__construct() — Method in class LazyRequestMatcher
SessionListener::__construct() — Method in class SessionListener
TestSessionListener::__construct() — Method in class TestSessionListener
RuntimeLoader::__construct() — Method in class RuntimeLoader
ConstraintValidatorFactory::__construct() — Method in class ConstraintValidatorFactory
Route::__construct() — Method in class Route
ServiceControllerResolver::__construct() — Method in class ServiceControllerResolver
ViewListenerWrapper::__construct() — Method in class ViewListenerWrapper
ViewListenerWrapper::__invoke() — Method in class ViewListenerWrapper