• Currency Conversion with Money.js

    I spent quite some time searching for a currency API to use for currency conversions on websites. I eventually found Open Exchange Rates and their Money.js library, which is a great solution for handling currecny conversions on websites.
  • Teddit - A tiny text editor

    As a bit of an experiment with offline web apps, I decided to try making a small text editor, and Teddit was born. However it is not like a normal offline web app using a manifest.appcache, it is saved in your bookmarks bar.
  • Hacker News New Tab

    I frequently visit Hacker News alongside Reddit for seeing tech news and wasting time. Reddit has a nice feature in which you can set it to open all links to comment threads and external sites in a new tab, which I personally prefer. Yet I haven’t found this feature on Hacker News, So using TamperMonkey I decided to build it myself.
  • SQL Connection Manager in PHP

    I have created a SQL Database connection manager that can handle a list of read, write, or named connections and initiate a PDO instance of any one. This is designed to help with load balancing SQL servers to distribute the load.
  • Notes on Jekyll

    Well, I have made some changes to the base Jekyll installation that I thought I should share.
  • Now Jekyll

    Well, my blogging platform changes a lot, but I guess I can do that with no-one actually reading it.
  • TradeMe Regions

    I have recently been working on a project that involves Trade Me and their not too bad API.