• SSH Tunneling

    SSH tunneling is used to send requests from your SSH client to the SSH server such as forwarding local services for external access or creating a SOCKS proxy.
  • Ruby Gem install to User directory by default

    Installing Ruby gems as root using sudo seemed like it was opening my system up far too much, to packages I had little control over.
  • Cocos2d-x Ubuntu Dependencies

    I have started playing with the Cocos2d-x Game Framework for some game development and had some initial troubles getting it to run on Ubuntu, So I made a simple bash script to handle the installation of some system dependencies.
  • Twig Gravatar Extension

    A recent project of mine involved using Gravatar, so I made a Twig Extension to provide filters for simplified Avatar generation.
  • Email Login for the Friends of Symfony User Bundle

    Recently I have been learning to use Symfony for a project of mine as a less opinionated and more modular alternative to Laravel. So far it has been a very nice experience, and I believe it is a great framework for large scale developments.
  • JSON Posts in Jekyll

    While I don’t have a current use for it, I thought it would be cool to create a JSON API for Posts on this blog. Whatever I used had to work with Github Pages where my site is hosted, so using a gem is not an option.
  • Currency Conversion with Money.js

    I spent quite some time searching for a currency API to use for currency conversions on websites. I eventually found Open Exchange Rates and their Money.js library, which is a great solution for handling currecny conversions on websites.