• Quickbooks Online Product SKU

    While working on the Quickbooks Online API for a client, I ran into an issue where the Sku field was missing or being ignored from Product (Item) requests and responses.
  • PCSXR Errors on Linux

    While setting up PCSXR on Ubuntu it didn’t work and crashed with no message…
  • Change Plymouth Splash Ubuntu 16.04

    For some reason it was really hard to find simple information on changing the Plymouth Splash in Ubuntu 16.04…
  • Silex Documentation Mirror

    The Silex Documentation has been having some uptime troubles recently which makes it quite difficult to reference while working!
  • SSH Tunneling

    SSH tunneling is used to send requests from your SSH client to the SSH server such as forwarding local services for external access or creating a SOCKS proxy.
  • Ruby Gem install to User directory by default

    Installing Ruby gems as root using sudo seemed like it was opening my system up far too much, to packages I had little control over.
  • Cocos2d-x Ubuntu Dependencies

    I have started playing with the Cocos2d-x Game Framework for some game development and had some initial troubles getting it to run on Ubuntu, So I made a simple bash script to handle the installation of some system dependencies.